Eligibility and Rules


McDonald’s invites customers to take its McdFoodForThoughts survey at www.mcdfoodforthoughts.com. The survey gives you a chance to provide feedback on your last McDonald’s visit in exchange for reward validation codes redeemable for free food and discounts.

To participate in the McdFoodForThoughts survey and receive the incentives, there are some basic eligibility rules you must meet:

You Must Have Made a Recent Purchase

To take the McdFoodForThoughts survey, you must have made a purchase at McDonald’s within the last 7 days. Your receipt will contain a 16-digit survey code that grants access to the online survey.

McDFood For Thoughts

Purchases can be for dine-in, takeout, or drive-thru. As long as you have a receipt with a printed survey invitation, you can participate. McDonald’s wants feedback from all types of recent customers.

Survey Code Required

The 16-digit survey code printed on your McDonald’s receipt is required to begin the McdFoodForThoughts survey. This unique code links your survey responses to your specific visit and restaurant location.

Make sure to keep your receipt until you take the survey so you have easy access to the survey code. Codes cannot be reused or shared between customers. Each receipt has one unique survey code.

Complete the Survey Within 14 Days

You must complete the McdFoodForThoughts survey within 14 days of the date printed on your McDonald’s receipt. The receipt has the timestamp of your order, and you have two weeks from that date to provide your feedback through the survey.

This ensures your survey responses accurately reflect details about your fresh McDonald’s experience. Feedback becomes less relevant over time so make sure to take the survey soon after your visit.

Must Be 18+ Years Old to Participate

Another eligibility rule is that you must be at least 18 years old to take the McdFoodForThoughts survey. This is because of legal restrictions around collecting personal data from minors.

If you are under 18, you unfortunately cannot participate in the survey. McDonald’s still values your feedback, so consider leaving a review on their website or social media pages.

Only Valid in Participating Countries

The McdFoodForThoughts survey is active in most countries globally, however, it may not be available in some nations. Be sure to check the list of participating countries on the survey website.

If your country is not listed, you cannot take the survey. Stick to reviewing McDonald’s on their social pages or website instead.

Limit of One Survey Per Receipt

You cannot take the McdFoodForThoughts survey multiple times using the same receipt code. Each survey code is single use and will become invalid after you complete the survey.

However, you can participate in the survey again after future McDonald’s purchases by using the new receipt and code. There is no limit on the number of unique surveys you can take over time.

Rewards Non-Transferable

The validation code received when you complete the McdFoodForThoughts survey cannot be transferred or sold to someone else. Rewards are only redeemable by the original survey participant.

Make sure to redeem your own validation code for rewards within 14 days at the McDonald’s location printed on your receipt. Code sharing or selling is prohibited.

By meeting these basic eligibility rules – having a purchase receipt, being 18+, taking the survey within 14 days, and more – you can participate in the McdFoodForThoughts survey and earn McDonald’s rewards!

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